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We are multi-award winning chefs with over 35 years of experience between the two of us. Our passion for high-end food got us out of the restaurant scene and  into a food trailer and catering company business so we could be more directly connected with our food and share our love of healthy true food with our customers.

Being dairy-free and having Celiac's in our family, we know first-hand how hard it is to find food that fits your dietary requirements that is safe and tasty. If your at an event, Café or function.

Our food follows our personal belief that we do our best to source local free-range in-season, sustainable food cooked from scratch, and our packaging follows suit.

In following a lot of our eating is now vegan garden-to-mouth based, and we would love to showcase to our community that vegan options and gluten-free food will be as tasty and as

Flavorful as the food Aotearoa has been used to.

Since we started, we have been hounded by both the public and industry to sell our products online.. you called  - we have answered..

\We now sell our custom restaurant specific gluten free flour to some of the best restaurants in the Waikato, call us if you want some us to come up with a gluten free product for you.


Lerryn & Jess


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